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Accent Modification Training

At SLBS - we provide personalized services for non-native English speakers to enhance communication skills in your personal and/or professional life.  Communication barriers can keep you from reaching your goals. We will work with you to help you reach your goals through clear and effective communication!

Choose a session that fits your schedule:

Face to Face in and around Ann Arbor.
Online Virtual Sessions for those located anywhere in Michigan.
Daytime or Evening appointments available.

Why do people seek Accen​t Modification Training?
  • Have to repeat yourself frequently?

  • Feel like more attention is being paid to your accent than your message? 

  • Difficulty being understood?

  • Self-conscious  speaking in front of groups at work or at social events?  

  • Feel frustrated or undervalued - like your ideas arent being considered or taken seriously?

This may include targeting sounds (i.e. consonants, blends, vowels, diphthongs) not contained in your native language and understanding the intricacies of sound combinations and phonological rules in the English language.

Pronunciation & Intelligibility
Grammar & Vocabulary

This could include topics such as verb tenses, pronouns, sentence formulation with correct word order, understanding multiple meaning words (homophones), and enhancing your vocabulary (prepositions, adjectives, synonyms, etc)

This includes understanding and use of stress, intonation, pitch, timing, rhythm and loudness as it relates to speech production and language components. 

Prosody &
Have a specific event you want to prepare for?


Do you have a presentation to give at work or school? Preparing for a job interview? Do you have words or lingo that is specific to your career you want to improve your pronunciation of? Feeling anxious about an upcoming social event?


We tailor every session to meet YOUR NEEDS! We can even use your personal materials or topics to help you feel confident for whatever you may be preparing for. 

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