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Speech Therapy

Speech & Language Intervention

SLBS provides screening, evaluation, therapy & parent training services to address a variety of communication disorders.

Behavioral Services

In-Home Behavioral Consultation, Classroom Support, & Social/Peer Navigation are available at SLBS to address behavioral challenges. We utilize principles rooted in the science of learning and motivation to make meaningful and positive changes in behaviors and teach new skills!

Mother and Son

Executive Function Coach

As an Executive Function Coach (EFC) - our goal is to provide children with the tools and strategies needed to tackle any challenge, no matter the topic. We break down a skill into all of its steps, analyze which step is challenging for the child, determine why it is challenging, and then to provide the child with the skills, practice, and confidence to be successful. 

Professional Development

SLBS provides in-services and trainings on a variety of topics for early childhood educators, parents groups, regular and special education teachers, health care providers, and more. Topics range from general speech and language milestones to managing challenging behaviors in the classroom. Personalized topics are also available. 

Accent Modification Training

We also offer personalized Accent Modification Training for non-native English speakers to improve communication skills in your personal and/or professional life.

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