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Our Philosophy

At SLBS, we are passionate about every child's ability to communicate effectively, function meaningfully in daily routines and feel confident each step of the way.


Effective communication skills are important for learning, building relationships, and engaging successfully in today’s society. For children with communication difficulties, we will provide interventions to increase learning opportunities and build relationships through speaking and listening.


Efficient completion of daily routines and tasks allows us to move smoothly and comfortably in our environment. When children are unable to complete these routines, challenging behaviors often emerge. These behaviors can cause stress and frustration for both children and their families. Our goal is to identify where the breakdown in the routine occurs, why the routine has become unsuccessful, and teach new skills in order to get back on-track. 


Working with you to help your child succeed in these areas early in life is the heart of our practice at Speech, Language, & Behavioral Solutions.

"If they can't learn the way we teach, we teach the way they learn”
- Ivar Lovaas
Children learning in kindergarden

We believe you are the expert on your child and you are their most important educator. You are a necessary player on your child’s team. As part of a team, we each bring our individual expertise to the table - ours as professional interventionists, and yours as the expert on your child. We can help each other understand your child’s strengths from our individual perspectives and utilize those as building blocks as we address areas of weakness. 

The Importance of Teamwork
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